Your son or daughter is going to have their prom this year and they are so excited they can hardly contain it. Of course, you will be busy with all the preparations such as tux or dress rentals or sales, shoes, accessories for the girls like a purse, jewelry, and hair do. It can be a real whirlwind; however one thing you can take care of early is the limo rental.

Let’s face it we all like to think our teenagers don’t drink or won’t get in a car with someone who has been drinking and is now driving but teenagers are teenagers they will be testing out things, pushing the boundaries, and trying to learn who they really are. You can relieve the anxiety you as a parent are already starting to feel by renting a limo for your child and friends.

We’re going to give you some advice on how to make sure you get the right limo at a good price.

Start planning early, generally 4 to 5 months prior to the prom depending on how much time you have to do research with the schedule you have
Make sure the limo service has a business license and clean drivers by administering random drug alcohol testing to their drivers
Ask for printed quotes and policies such as cancelations, fuel charges, etc.
Book the limo and make sure you have written confirmation of date time and the number of people in the party with the amount to be paid and what it includes such as the number of hours, drinks, fuel, etc.
Before calling the limo services to get quotes, you need to decide a few things.

Number of people who will be included in the limo party
The route and any acceptable stops or that there will be no stop other than pick up and drop off for limo party
Does the limo pick up people from several places or should everyone in the party be in one place for pick up and drop off
Drinks and other extras you wish to have or not have
Now that you have those things decided you can start calling limo services to get quotes, ask for a written quote that can be emailed, mailed, or picked up by you. Make sure that they itemize the quote For example if the quote is $150.00 for three hours, there is a surcharge for fuel, drinks, and a tip for the driver. If the quote is $185.00 for the prom package which includes 3 hours, fuel, driver tip, drinks, etc. It is important to get the quote itemized so that you are sure to get what you are paying for. You also want to ask each service for a photocopy of their license and ask if they do background checking for their drivers randomly to make sure they are safe to drive the limo. The reason for the written quotes is because each service has different prices, this why you want them itemized so that you know what $150.00 is paying for versus $200.00.

Prom LimoYou now have your research done, pick the service that provides the best price for the items you want, the number of people in the party, and the amount of hours you need. Book the limo 3 months in advance and make sure that you have the confirmation or rental agreement saved in a place that you can pull it out easily for reference.

The week of the prom you want to call the service to make sure everything is set for your date. Example the prom is on Friday night, you can call the service with the booking information on Monday to confirm that your package or hours of service are set and ready for Friday night’s prom this is for your protection if you call on Monday and the limo service has an issue such as a car in the shop they can make arrangements for a different limo to pick up the teens in the party and get them to and from prom safely. There are many professional Limousine Rental Companies in Edmonton making it confusing to choose from. Perfect Limo is Edmonton’s best Limo rental company that is not only reliable but also offers low limo prices as compared to others in the market. Call Perfect Limousine to get Prom limo quotation for prom limo booking now.